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DYEtective Range of UV Theft Detection Products


DYEtective Professonal Kit

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At some point every business which employs people will have an employee-theft or an equivalent breach-of-trust situation to manage.

With employment legislation so biased to employee rights, the employer should obtain hard evidence / proof-of-guilt before action may be taken against the miscreant. Such proof may be obtained with the help of a Manager's DYEtective Kit.

A self-contained collection of the essential tools and invisible staining compounds a business would need to catch a employee thief, malicious prankster or vandal. 


 A Wide Range of UV Theft Detection Powders, Gels and Kits to Help Catch-a-Thief.


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WHITE DYEtective Gel stain on the hands

Invisible white stain shows up under UV light


White DYEtective Gel is a clear non-dying clear coating encapsulating an invisible UV Revealing staining compound which activated by moisture in the skin, will temporally stain both skin and clothing for several hours, possibly days; depending on the hand-hygiene habits of the host. 

To see the white stain a UV Blacklight is required and used in a darkened environment. Being a clear innocuous coating, White DYEtective Gel may be used on any colour of non-porous surface.

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RED DYEtective Gel stain on the hands

Visible RED stain hides an Invisible one too!


A thin layer of concentrated DYEtective Gel contains thousands of tiny particles which react with moisture in the skin to produce a temporary stubborn red stain, which is difficult to remove. 

After intensive washing, most of the visible stain may be removed, although a pinky trace usually remains visible for several hours thereafter. However, even after all the intensive washing, an Invisible UV-Revealing stain will remain on the skin for 2 -3 days. 

To view the Invisible UV stain, a UV Blacklight is required. The size and longevity of the stain, will depend on the amount of handling by the thief along with their hand washing habits. As this is essentially a dark coating it is therefore recommend for use on DARK non-porous surfaces. 

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GREEN DYEtective Theft Detection Powder

Invisible Green Powder shows up under UV light


Not a skin stain as such, Green DYEtective encapsulates many thousands of microscopic UV Revealing particles, which are attracted to the skin and surfaces by their static charge.

Once contact is made with the particles, they can remain hidden on hands or skin for several hours and on clothing for several days.

The presence of these tiny tagging particles demonstrates contact with the prepared bait. However as with any DYEtective compound, the sooner the suspected miscreant is apprehended the less likely their chance of plausible deniability.

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As well as a wide selection of individual gels, powders and sprays, we also have a wide range of ready-to-use kits available  to buy on our website...



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