A Dark Gel suitable for indoor use on dry non-porous surfaces. Skin is stained red on contact with the gel. A secondary invisible stain (which is revealed only under UV light) remains even when the primary red 'visible' stain is removed.  Not suitable for use on paper money or documents as it will stain them red!

  Based Medium   Dark Gel   Catch-a-Thief with Red-Hand-Stain DYEtective Gel
  UV DYE Colour   Orange / Red  
  Visible Stain   Yes - Red  
  Indoor use   Yes  
  Outdoor use   No  
  COSHH   Non-Toxic  
  Jar Sizes   10ml & 30ml  

Note: The length of time the stain remains detectable on skin depends on how often and how well the suspect washes their hands.

Use with Caution:  Some items, surfaces may be permanently stained red!

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